CFT-90-W Specialty White LEDs

The CFT-90-W series are Luminus new generation of Specialty White LEDs targeted to replacement of high performance lamp technologies such as Xenon and HID. Leveraging Luminus latest vertical chip technology, the CFT-90 series nearly doubles the performance of the CBT-90 series through a combination of efficiency gains and increased drive condition, up to 27 A (110 W input power). Its windowless design optimizes light collection by allowing close proximity optics and is especially beneficial for fiber-illumination applications such as endoscopes, machine vision and instrumentation.

A new stage white color point (WSS) is specifically engineered for stage lighting applications.


  • High performance specialty white LED with 9 mm2 un-lensed monolithic square emission area
  • Outputs in excess of 5,000 lm at maximum drive condition
  • Reliable operation at up to 27 A DC with excellent brightness maintenance
  • Available in multiple color temperatures:
    • 5600K Daylight (WDS)
      6500K Cool White (WCS)
      7800K Stage White (WSS)
  • Window-less interface allows highly efficient coupling into fibers as well as optical engines
  • Industry-leading thermal resistance: 0.45 C/W
  • Largely mechanically compatible with Luminus CBT-90 and CBT-140 series
  • Specified and binned hot (Tj = 90 ˚C) near nominal application condition (22.5 A)


  • Replacement of 300W or higher XENON lamps in fiber illumination applications: endoscopy, machine vision, instrumentation and more
  • Stage lighting narrow beam spotlights with 7800K (WSS) optimized color point
  • Off-road vehicles / truck long range projector lights
  • Search lights
  • Inspection and industrial applications
  • Architectural lighting
  • Beacons
  • Active
    Max Lumens Color Input Power Max Drive
    5,500 5600K (WDS)
    6500K (WCS)
    7800K (WSS)
    Up to 110W 27 A