The SBM-40-LC LED is a cost effective solution for up 12W color-mix applications and can generate up to 700 color balanced white lumens. It consists of an array of individually addressable Red, Green, Blue and White emitters in a surface mount package.

Each 1mm2 chip emits directly to air, which enables the use of proximity optics for color mixing and the elimination of color fringing.


  • Entertainment spot/wash lighting
  • Architectural spot/wash lighting
  • Active – Replaces N41 version
    Dominant Wavelength Chip Emitting Areas Drive Current Typical (CW) Lumen range
    Red: 622nm
    Green: 527nm
    Blue: 457nm
    White: 6500K CCT
    Red: 1mm2
    Green: 1mm2
    Blue: 1mm2
    White: 1mm2
    Red: 1.0A
    Green: 1.0A
    Blue: 1.0A
    White: 1.0A
    Red: 60-133 lumens
    Green: 140-281 lumens
    Blue: 844-1206 mW
    White: 184-295 lumens