The SST-90-W is a high-brightness monolithic LED with a large dynamic range and operation up to 18 A CW  and delivering up to 4,000 lm. Implemented in a very compact footprint, its monolithic emitter is ideal for highly directional applications requiring a uniform illumination.


  • Machine vision
  • High- output strobing applications 
  • Beacons, obstruction Lighting
  • Industrial Applications
  • Portable Lighting
  • Medical Lighting
  • Emergency Vehicle Lighting
  • Displays and Signage
  • High-output, directional transportation lighting
  • Search Lights
  • Work Lights
  • Active
    Max Lumens Color Input Power Max Drive Current
    up tp 4,000 lm 5,700K – 6,500K up to70W up to 18A CW