Luminus is an industry leader in providing ground-breaking LED solutions that are enabling new markets and applications for solid-state illumination. Luminus LEDs are ideal for demanding applications that require maximum lumen density, efficiency and reliability.

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    General Lighting

    COB Arrays   |   Mid Power LEDs   |   CUBE™

    Luminus chip-on-board (COB) arrays deliver industry-leading solutions for spot lighting and directional applications in general lighting from MR16 size fixtures and bulbs to industrial grade high bay lights and MH and CDM replacements. Luminus offers the best value solution available today.

  • White Big Chip LEDs

    White LEDs

    Luminus White LEDs provide lighting designers with an ultra-bright point source of white light enabling new applications with better optical system efficiency, breaking through the design limitations of tiled arrays and reducing system complexity and cost.

  • Color LEDs

    Color LEDs

    Luminus Color LEDs set the standard in power and brightness - opening new markets for LEDs such as projection display, high power entertainment fixtures and medical and analytical instrumentation.

  • Color Mix LEDs

    Color Mix LEDs

    Luminus multi-chip Color Mix LEDs combine dynamic color control with extremely high lumen output, featuring individually addressable reds, greens, blues and whites packaged in a tight array designed to enable the Entertainment and Architectural lighting markets.

  • UV LEDs

    UV LEDs

    Luminus UV LEDs are designed to meet the power requirements of the most demanding applications including Curing, Rapid-Prototyping, Maskless Lithography, as well as numerous other Industrial and Medical applications.

  • Development Kits & Tools

    Development Kits & Tools

    Development kits are intended to help customers quickly begin designing solutions with Luminus LED technology.