LED Entertainment Lighting

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The Luminus Studio Series has been designed specifically to deliver the spectrum and intensity required in TV and Film production lighting. Optimized color quality produced with the proper balance generates a minimum Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 at operating temperature and, more importantly, Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) greater than 90.

Quality of light is essential for professional results, and a sufficient quantity of light is equally important. The Luminus Studio Series with its high lumen density performance throws light with the punch that leads the market. The day has finally arrived when television and film studios can reap the benefit of solid state lighting without compromise.

While optimized for Fresnel fixtures, the Studio Series is suitable for gobo/framing projectors, profile spotlights and high-end hospitality and architectural applications. Show the world what quality LED lighting looks like.


  • High lumen output
    • Over 25,000 lm @ 3150K, 25ºC
    • Over 27,000 lm @ 5600K, 25ºC
  • 3150K and 5600K CCT
  • 95 CRI minimum
  • 90 TLCI minimum
  • 85ºC binning


  • Studio Lighting
  • Film Production Lighting
  • Fresnel Replacements
  • Framing Projectors
  • High-end Hospitality and Retail

Download PDFDownload the Luminus Studio Product Brief

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